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Kingdom Life Prophetic Ministries was birthed in December 31 st 2004 with a passion to making the Lord Jesus Christ known by the Teaching and Preaching of the gospel of the Kingdom of God to all Nations in clarity, simplicity and with the demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit. Calling all lovers of the Lord Jesus Christ and those who seek to do and obey His will together to impact the Nations with the love of God.

Bishop's Profile

Kingdom Life Prophetic Church was founded by Dr. Joel Oluwafemi. Ph. D. He is the President of Miracle Today UK and overseas, an outreach ministry reaching the Nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Kingdom Life Prophetic Church is a multinational and multicultural church-based ministry with a vision to make the Lord Jesus Christ know to all nations, by preaching, teaching and demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit and through that, building up people of faith and character, whose lives are established in the truths of God's Word. From this foundation of a Kingdom lifestyle, are equipped to live in victory, influence people for the Kingdom of God and impact the nations before Jesus returns.

Dr. Joel Oluwafemi was born in Nigeria in 1955. He was born-again in 1984. He was raised and trained in ministry work in Grace of God Mission Inc. Nigeria under the leadership of the General Superintendent Rev. (Dr) Paul Nweke. He served in various leadership capacity in GGM before leaving for London UK . He was one of the Hausa language interpreters for National and International preachers in Nigeria . He interpreted for Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke's Conference team in Kano Nigeria.

His mission and apostolic mandate to the Nations is founded on the Voice of God received on Sunday afternoon the 13 th March 1988 , “I will send you on a missionary journey”. Arrived in London 1992 has studied and worked in the ministry with Pastor Colin Dye, Kensington Temple, Dr. Morris Cerullo in Mission to London and has being a blessing to many in Conferences and outreaches in churches and interchurch activities.

He has seen many healed, delivered, transformed and equipped into their ministries. He is a lovable friend to many.

He was married in 1979 to Esy and they are blessed with five children, three girls - Shola, Toyin and Esther and two boys - Caleb and Joshua.

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